SMOK’s Up & Coming Sub Ohm Tank

Good morning, hope all our readers are having a excellent day so far. Today’s post will be about Vaping, again. Not so much vaping, but a new product that will be out very soon and it’s already kicking up a storm in the community. It’s called the TFV12 Cloud Beast King, and it’s the newest variation of the Cloud Beast Tanks. It comes with a revolutionary duodenary coil, that’s 12 coils. Once they released this product information, or teaser, all of a sudden more companies came out of the woodwork offering 12 coils. This isn’t surprising though, SMOK has been leading the pack when it comes to new products and boundary pushing. It will be interesting to see the feedback this Tank gets, and how many people actually push it to it’s full potential. It is capable of reaching 350W, with eh duodenary coil. I would never go that high, and I don’t know that many people who would. I guess just having the ability to reach that is a attractive feature. Now onto purchasing it. It will initially be available in 4 colors; Black, Silver, Gold, & Rainbow aka 7 Color. If this tank follows suite it will be available in lots more colors soon after the release. There are a few sites you can pay ahead of time to reserve it, our favorite is The Best Vape. They have 3 colors to choose from, Black, Gold, & Rainbow, for $36.00. Paying this will reserve 1 Tank for you, so when it arrives you are guaranteed 1 from that shipment. We highly suggest picking up the SMOK TFV12 from them over other shops. They have the best customer service out of every online shop we have dealt with. Their processing & shipping is blazing fast, 2 days from Florida to California most times. Of course you can order it when it is in stock at most shops, but that probably will not be that easy, since this is already the most popular and most talked about Sub Ohm Tank at this time. That is always a risk though when it comes to popular products that the community is waiting for. I would not miss out on the chance to pick up this TFV12 Tank. That is it for this post, have a great week everyone.