Fantastic Vape Reviews

Today we are back to give some recognition to a great site that is doing some really good Vape Reviews. They are completely honest and upfront and never say anything that is not true or that would mislead anyone. They are very ethical and do not accept anything for free, ever. They do Fantastic Vape Reviews all the time and try and keep their site updated with some of the newest equipment that hits the shelves of Brick & Mortar Shops and Online Vape Shops. I noticed that they try and do reviews of the really popular products first and I think they do that so people can get a good idea of what they would be buying and to see if it really is a good product or not.

Sense came out with a awesome Sub Ohm Tank recently and lots of people are really loving it. The site I am talking about today did a review on this Tank called the Herakles Plus Review and they did a pretty darn good with it because it gets lots of positive feedback and praises from people in the Vaping community. The Tank keeps gaining more and more momentum as more people are buying it and telling other people how good it is. They did a outstanding job making it and they deserve some credit as well. There are only two really small negative things about it, the first is that it leaks sometimes without and rhyme or reason, and the second is the threading on the top fill section. They need to lessen the amount of threads so it takes less spins and less effort to unseal and seal. Regarding the leaking, I am not sure how they can fix that, I am not a Sub Ohm Tank Engineer. Anyways, go check out their review at the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

Another great review they just did is the Playboy Vixen Review that is pretty much perfect. There is tons of info about the Tank along with many different sections and pictures. This Tank is actually made by the famous Playboy people, yep, the same as the Magazine. The company is called Playboy Vapor and they have entered the Vape Industry with a bang. Make sure to go check out their review of this tank as well.

Please keep in mind that they did not any of their Vape equipment for free, they pay for each and every item that they have and that they review. This is extremely rare for sites to do because many people just do the reviews to get free stuff. I do not know any reviewer that does these just to help people out. They all have ulterior motives and want free Gear. However, the site I am talking about today is called The Best Vape which you can find here and every review they do is 10000% true and based on their experiences with the actual product they purchased. Ok that is pretty much all for this post today, we hope you will check out their site before making any Vape purchases in the future.