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VV Squonk Kit Coming Out Soon

There is a new Squonk Kit coming out very soon, probably by the end of December. It’s from Vandy Vape, & it is a Kit version of the Pulse BF Mod & includes the Pulse 24 BF RDA in s special edition Matte Black color. People are already going crazy about it, because of the new color options of the Panels which are beautiful to say the least. The Kit comes in 6 different frosted colors. Well the device is Black, but the Replacement Panels are available in 9 new different colors. Here are the Kit colors; Ultem, Frosted White, Frosted Red, Frosted Blue, Frosted Green, & Frosted Pink. The color everyone likes is the Frosted Green. The 9 colors for the Replacement Panels are; Ultem, Frosted White, Frosted Red, Frosted Blue, Frosted Green, Frosted Pink, Frosted Orange, Frosted Cyan, & Frosted Yellow. There are also 8 different colors of the Replacement Squonk Bottles, here they are; Purple, Black, Orange, Green, Clear, Blue, Yellow, & Red. As you can see there is unlimited mix and match possibility available. So you can completely customize the look or your device if you want, & change it at any time in a matter or seconds.

The Vandy Vape Pulse BF Kit is available on Pre-Order at a few different Online Shops, but we placed the order at our favorite Shop, The Best Vape. You can check it out here https://thebestvape.com/product/pulse-bf-kit-by-vandy-vape/ to get more information about the Full Kit like Specs & pricing. They expect it to start arriving at shops around mid to the end of December. Obviously every shop will not get them at the same time. Which is why there are no guarantees when it comes to Pre-Ordering a vape product. If you are seriously thinking about picking up this Squonk Kit we suggest using a reputable place or go with our recommendation and use the Best Vape. I believe they have a special Pre-Order price going on right now and it’s $56.00 for the Ultem & $54.00 for the other Frosted colors.  Compared to the other shops this is a really great deal, but it won’t be around for long as it’s just a limited time special Pre-Order price. As it gets closer to the release the price will go up to the normal MSRP.

Well that is all we have to say about this Kit. I think it is going to be just as popular as the original Mod, & probably even more so because of the Special Edition RDA that is comes with. So don’t sleep on this, inventory is going to be scare at first and you don’t want to miss out.

SMOK’s Up & Coming Sub Ohm Tank

Good morning, hope all our readers are having a excellent day so far. Today’s post will be about Vaping, again. Not so much vaping, but a new product that will be out very soon and it’s already kicking up a storm in the community. It’s called the TFV12 Cloud Beast King, and it’s the newest variation of the Cloud Beast Tanks. It comes with a revolutionary duodenary coil, that’s 12 coils. Once they released this product information, or teaser, all of a sudden more companies came out of the woodwork offering 12 coils. This isn’t surprising though, SMOK has been leading the pack when it comes to new products and boundary pushing. It will be interesting to see the feedback this Tank gets, and how many people actually push it to it’s full potential. It is capable of reaching 350W, with eh duodenary coil. I would never go that high, and I don’t know that many people who would. I guess just having the ability to reach that is a attractive feature. Now onto purchasing it. It will initially be available in 4 colors; Black, Silver, Gold, & Rainbow aka 7 Color. If this tank follows suite it will be available in lots more colors soon after the release. There are a few sites you can pay ahead of time to reserve it, our favorite is The Best Vape. They have 3 colors to choose from, Black, Gold, & Rainbow, for $36.00. Paying this will reserve 1 Tank for you, so when it arrives you are guaranteed 1 from that shipment. We highly suggest picking up the SMOK TFV12 from them over other shops. They have the best customer service out of every online shop we have dealt with. Their processing & shipping is blazing fast, 2 days from Florida to California most times. Of course you can order it when it is in stock at most shops, but that probably will not be that easy, since this is already the most popular and most talked about Sub Ohm Tank at this time. That is always a risk though when it comes to popular products that the community is waiting for. I would not miss out on the chance to pick up this TFV12 Tank. That is it for this post, have a great week everyone.

Fantastic Vape Reviews

Today we are back to give some recognition to a great site that is doing some really good Vape Reviews. They are completely honest and upfront and never say anything that is not true or that would mislead anyone. They are very ethical and do not accept anything for free, ever. They do Fantastic Vape Reviews all the time and try and keep their site updated with some of the newest equipment that hits the shelves of Brick & Mortar Shops and Online Vape Shops. I noticed that they try and do reviews of the really popular products first and I think they do that so people can get a good idea of what they would be buying and to see if it really is a good product or not.

Sense came out with a awesome Sub Ohm Tank recently and lots of people are really loving it. The site I am talking about today did a review on this Tank called the Herakles Plus Review and they did a pretty darn good with it because it gets lots of positive feedback and praises from people in the Vaping community. The Tank keeps gaining more and more momentum as more people are buying it and telling other people how good it is. They did a outstanding job making it and they deserve some credit as well. There are only two really small negative things about it, the first is that it leaks sometimes without and rhyme or reason, and the second is the threading on the top fill section. They need to lessen the amount of threads so it takes less spins and less effort to unseal and seal. Regarding the leaking, I am not sure how they can fix that, I am not a Sub Ohm Tank Engineer. Anyways, go check out their review at the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

Another great review they just did is the Playboy Vixen Review that is pretty much perfect. There is tons of info about the Tank along with many different sections and pictures. This Tank is actually made by the famous Playboy people, yep, the same as the Magazine. The company is called Playboy Vapor and they have entered the Vape Industry with a bang. Make sure to go check out their review of this tank as well.

Please keep in mind that they did not any of their Vape equipment for free, they pay for each and every item that they have and that they review. This is extremely rare for sites to do because many people just do the reviews to get free stuff. I do not know any reviewer that does these just to help people out. They all have ulterior motives and want free Gear. However, the site I am talking about today is called The Best Vape which you can find here thebestvape.com and every review they do is 10000% true and based on their experiences with the actual product they purchased. Ok that is pretty much all for this post today, we hope you will check out their site before making any Vape purchases in the future.

I Know I Want Some High PR Links

Recently I have been thinking a lot about one of the other sites we own, and my thinking was that we really need to build some authority, so that we can become an authority site one day soon. Now there are quite a few ways to do this, but there is really only one quick, easy, and guaranteed way to do. This would be to go out and buy some high pr links for our site. Now, this might not be morally or ethically acceptable in the Internet world, but you have to start somewhere, and if you are not a Fortune 500 or very well known company, then you need that initial boost to get you where you need to be. So just know this, we are not saying this practice is ok, or even somewhat ok, but in this day and age, you have to get that edge over your competitors or they will have the edge over you. That being said, we think that if you are going to head down that path then you need to be really careful about how you would go about doing it. First, I would stay as far away as possible from Forums or people advertising using Banner ads. That is the absolute worst thing you could possible do for you and your site. I do not want some service that advertises on Forums helping me out. If anyone and their mother can find them, I do not want anything they have to offer. So my opinion is, do not use any services that advertises on sites, forums, or places like Fiver. I did contact an old buddy of mine who owns many successful sites that have thousand of visitors a day and makes tons of money of each of his sites. He did recommend a company to me, and he said they do amazing work, very high quality, you always get what you agreed on, and they are pretty reasonably priced. He said he has used them many times each time he starts a new site. Then withing a few weeks he starts to dominate page 1 for whatever he wants. This is where all his traffic comes from, the search engines, and if you are not on the front page, then you might as well not be there at all. Getting these special links can make or break your site, and if you use the right company, and get the right links, it can drastically change your sites visibility, traffic, money coming in, and rankings most of all. So we contacted the company my friend recommended, we spoke to them for awhile, and they were very receptive and knowledgeable in all areas of link and websites all together. We did decide to start off with one of their smaller packages and see where that goes. If all goes well, we will start another larger package and hopefully dominate and become the authority in our industry. If you are interested in finding out more information about this company, then you can check out their site here which will tell you most of what you need to know – premiumseojuice.com

How We Plan To Get More Traffic

Today I am going to tell you guys how we plan to get more traffic to this site. Since the site went down, which we keep telling you, we lost all of our organic traffic, meaning thru search engines. It is obvious why that happened, there was no site to see, which means there is nothing to list in the search results. So this week we hired a fantastic company to handle our local seo campaign. We have used them quite a few times in the past, so we know they do great work and always get results. If we were to go the route of trying to find a new company, it would take way too long, and you never know what type of results you are going to get when trying out something for the first time. So we stuck with what we knew would work, and this company can really get us to where we need to be, and hopefully quick. Most of our income from this site came from sponsors, so in order for us to continue with them, we need traffic or else it is not worth it for them to spend money. That is why it is vital that we get our traffic back, and why it is imperative that we get some page 1 rankings. This company has worked quite a few miracles in the past for us, so we are very confident that they can do the same thing for us again. Since we are based around the transportation industry, we need traffic that is based out of this area. That means that a strong local presence is needed for us to be successful. And in order for that to happen, we need a company that specializes in Local Search, and has a proven track record of turning sites around from nowhere to page 1. That is why we chose this company to handle our seo campaign, and why we are so very sure they can get it done. As more and more people are turning to their mobile device for answers, we have to show up when they search for anything related to our website. That is where the local marketing comes into play. Are you curious as to what company we are using? Of course you are, why wouldn’t you want to know of a awesome local seo company that gets results all the time and does it in a safe and efficient manner.

Well in just a minute we will reveal to you the company we are using. It would make much more sense to us to keep it a secret, because then only a few people would know about them, but that kinda goes against our beliefs, so without further ado, here is the website of the company we have been talking about – naturalseojuice.com

Feel free to contact them, cal them, email them, or whatever you want to do. You should be able to find out everything you need to from their site…

New Update About The Site

Well, as most everyone can tell, we recently had to redesign the whole site. We pretty much lost all the content that we had, and that has caused quite a bit of trouble, as most of you know. We have been receiving emails from people asking about Routes and Transportation. As of now, we do not have any info regarding that, and we sincerely apologize for that. onto some other things. We have some new plans for this site, and we have asked for some help from a company to handle our design and marketing, so we can focus on getting this site back to where it was. We dug around deep to find the right company for the job, and we finally found them. We needed a company that provided local seo services and had a proven track record with this. So we sent out tons of emails and held a bunch of interviews, some in person and some over the phone. Only 2 companies really impressed us, and we picked one them for the design work and one for the local seo. So far it has only been 2 weeks, but we are seeing major increases in traffic already, and given our budget, that is a miracle. When we first spoke to this company they gave us realistic time frames for when we should start to see results. I am now noticing that they had to overstate those times, just in case it did tale that amount of time. Seeing that we are already way ahead of schedule, I am super excited to see how this turns out. If everything keeps going upwards, we will be in a great place in a month from now. This marketing combines with the new design hopefully works out great together, one complimenting the other. Time will only tell to measure that, but we have the right analytical software in place to continually check that and monitor our progress.

If anyone in interested in finding out some more info about the Marketing Company we are using, feel free to check them out, this is their site here = www.seojus.com

You are more then welcome to contact them and hire them if you wish. We are not connected with them in any way, but they have provided great work so far and it seems like an actual miracle.

New Site

Hey everyone, just letting people know that this site is back up and running and will be updated every day. We sincerely apologize for being down for so long. Our hope is to have everything back up and running smooth within a few weeks. Thanks so much for the patience you have shown. Keep checking back for the updates to the site. Thank You.